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Red Tape Reduction Initiative

Governor Bevin knows that for businesses to thrive in Kentucky, the Commonwealth must cut through the red tape of excessive and complex regulatory burdens that continue to be a hardship for many small business owners. While these types of regulations can be effective and even protect public interests, they can also stifle economic growth, impose high costs on businesses and impede private sector investment.

Gov. Bevin is committed to restraining runaway government and re-empowering citizens. With your help, his Red Tape Reduction Initiative will identify costly, ineffective or outdated regulations and conduct a thorough review. The end goal is to allow businesses to operate in a modernized regulatory system that provides them with the flexibility they need to serve their customers.

How you can help

If you are aware of a regulation that you believe to be outdated, unnecessary or overly complex, let us know by filling out this form. All suggestions will be reviewed and evaluated.

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Governor Bevin has briefed President Trump on Kentucky’s Red Tape Reduction Initiative, and has given him a "Cut the Tape" lapel pin to wear.

What People Are Saying

Business executives from throughout Kentucky are supporting this initiative. Click on the photos below to hear what these business leaders are saying about the effects of unnecessary red tape on Kentucky businesses and consumers.
Kerry Stemler CEO KM Stemler Co.
Nick Roe President Kentucky American Water
Ron Bunch President and CEO Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce
Tiera Kavanaugh Turner CEO TKT and Associates


Kentucky is drawing upon the best practices of several other Red Tape reduction initiatives. That includes an extremely successful effort in British Columbia, which resulted in tremendous progress there and in other parts of Canada.
Read more about that effort here.

In Canada, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has been extremely involved in red tape reduction efforts. CFIB’s executive vice president, Laura Jones, is viewed as an expert on the initiative.
Click on the links below to learn about her experience.


"The Red Tape Reduction Initiative has set the tone that Kentucky's government wants to assist manufacturers and businesses be successful. This is a very positive development"
"I hope this effort leads to making government regulations easier for business people to understand and follow. Making government easier to understand builds more trust for government agencies and will ultimately lead to better compliance with the rules and regulations that are necessary for orderly commerce and for sustaining a level playing field for competition"
"I’ve been amazed at the pace of the work being accomplished on the Red Tape Reduction Initiative. It seems like only yesterday that I attended the meeting announcing it and here we are only months after and have already finished reviewing a quarter of the state’s regulations - with many repealed! I commend Governor Bevin for his strong push in this effort and the state’s agencies for their diligence"
"We have actually been surprised—and pleased—with the progress that has already been made. The fact that about 250 existing regulations have already been repealed or proposed for repeal indicates the Bevin administration’s commitment to removing unnecessary burdens on Kentucky businesses"

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