About the Initiative

There are currently more than 4,700 administrative regulations in Kentucky. For decades, they have been put into place by state agencies to address problems, shortcomings, issues or other matters that state leaders deemed appropriate to regulate.

However, what happens to regulations that become obsolete, or when different regulations conflict, or when a regulation simply is not needed any more? Currently, the answer is nothing.

Those regulations cost businesses money and time. That cost is then extended to consumers, who pay extra for what is often, unnecessary.

There are more than 4,700 state regulations on the books in Kentucky, and approximately 85 percent of them have never been reviewed for effectiveness or ongoing need. They simply stay on the books, year after year, and regulators are required to enforce them. However, that is changing.

Governor Bevin has created the Red Tape Reduction Initiative in an effort to review every regulation currently on the books. The goal is to eliminate those regulations deemed unnecessary or duplicative, simplify those considered too complex, and judge each for intent and effectiveness.

Many regulations are necessary, however eliminating those that are not will allow businesses to spend more time understanding and complying with those that are essential and justifiable. Also, public safety and security will not be hindered by this regulatory review process. Quite simply, it is an effort to reduce the amount of red tape that exists within the government.

The bottom line intent of the Red Tape Reduction Initiative is threefold:

  • To help spur job creation and investment
  • To change the attitude of government from regulation makers to regulation managers (Customer Service)
  • To get government off the backs of Kentuckians

While this initiative will help business, it also will help the general public because excessive regulation drives up the cost of the things we buy.

Gov. Bevin wants input and suggestions from all Kentuckians – not just businesses. Suggestions on regulations that should be reviewed can be submitted on the Report A Reg page.

Periodic updates will also be available on the progress of this initiative.